To send me secure email, you’ll need a copy of my GPG public key. In order to install it run the following commands on your terminal.

NB: You’ll need the gpg command line utility installed.

Download the public key from the OpenPGP keyserver

gpg --keyserver --recv 0x73DD404E7526A8CD

Confirm the key is successfully installed

gpg --list-keys

You should see my public key successfully installed. By default ubuntu stores GPG public keys in a keyring within your home directory:


Alternatively, if you’re using a recent version of Mozilla Thunderbird, you can do the following. Go to:

Menu > Account Settings

Select your preferred email account.

Once selected, choose End to End Encryption.

Select OpenPGP Manager.

Under OpenPGP Manager, select Keyserver > Discover Keys Online.

Enter KeyID: 0x73DD404E7526A8CD

Choose OK

In the next dialog, select the Accepted radio button, then choose OK again.

My public key should now be imported on Mozilla Thunderbird.